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MemberSites, LLC announces the release of MemberSite Version 3 Software

July 2014 - MemberSite V4 is a leap forward in features and functionality from the previous versions that utilizes technologies from Angular, Firebase and Neo4j to make the web applications modular, extremely scalable and lightning fast.

"We are continuously upgrading and improving our platform, and strive to give our customers added functionality on an ongoing basis" says Steven Johannessen, President of MemberSites, LLC. "The signup and approval process has been streamlined, the admin screens contain more info and features including data visualization. Rapid deployment, extremely low cost and ease of use are hallmarks of this platform".

"We are aggressively looking for more niche opportunities for deploying our MemberSite and ChamberSite software" says Johannessen. "It's ease of use and feature set combined with an aggressive pricing model creates a win-win opportunity for both the customer and our company". Antique Radio Website is now online

June 2011 - is a website dedicated to antique radio collection and restoration. With over 100 radios in the collection there is much to look at. Steven's passion for the restoration of these early radios can be seen in the photos of each radio.

Steven Johannessen Design News

June 2014 - Steven Johannessen Design has attracted a number of new clients from around the country recently. Thanks to referrals from our clients and friends business has been brisk. "I do a lot of work for non-profits around the country and locally" says Steve. "I help out when I can with what I know how to do".

In addition to video and print design projects, the following websites were designed and deployed: